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Essential Oil Spotlight: Slim

by Wes Dunne 01 Feb 2021 0 Comments

It’s a tale as old as time.

Your beloved Schmoopykins is on a free feeding schedule. For a while it works great, but one day you notice a bit of extra fluff around those hips. “No problem,” you think. He’ll self-regulate eventually, right?

A little later you notice he can’t hop to the same heights as before. He’s having trouble grooming parts of his ever-expanding tummy. You worry if he trips on the stairs he might just roll all the way down, meowing piteously all the while. Suddenly you realize with creeping dread (and maybe thoughts of internet Likes or Upvotes):

You’ve created an (adorable) chonker!

Don’t fret – we’ve all been there. In our desire to give our pets the very best, sometimes we go a little overboard or get a bit lax. Whether due to a convenient feeding schedule or excess treats, animals can gain unhealthy weight just like people. Lucky for you, PawsiVibes can help.

Slim is a pet-friendly supplement formulated to assist with pet weight loss. While you can’t just add a few drops without changing anything else with your pet’s diet, it has been proven to accelerate weight loss when used with other traditional methods. We’ll cover that in a bit, but first let’s talk about the elephant in the room: unhealthy weight.

Healthy vs Unhealthy Weight

To start, it’s important to understand that our pets’ bodies are not the same as ours. For humans it’s totally fine and natural to have some extra fluff. Curvy body types are beautiful. But the same is not true for animals!

While our bodies are well adapted to distributing extra weight, the same can’t be said for pets. Take a look at cats: very small, their legs are thin, and they adapted to be stealthy fast hunters. That means their bodies aren’t accustomed to carrying extra weight, and it can lead to health issues like hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver syndrome), diabetes, arthritis, urinary infections, and a host of other health and psychological problems. You can read more about it at Royal Canin.

Dogs are affected in similarly serious ways by obesity. Hypertension, cancer, heart disease, overall shorter lifespans and other health concerns are common. For more reading about dogs specifically, check out this article.

Slim for Weight Loss

Now that we’ve gone over the impacts of unhealthy weight, let’s talk solutions. That’s what we’re here for, right?

First and foremost, figure out the root cause of the weight gain. Did your pet get spayed or neutered recently? This can lead to rapid weight gain due to changing hormones. Are you following suggested feeding guidelines? Even if you are, some things can still cause our pets to gain unwanted fluff. Male cats, pets past the age of 5, and anxiety all have a hand in weight gain (check out Calm to help with that last one).

So before you start thinking of weight loss supplements, identify the root cause and then start your floofy friend on a regimen to get them on track.

Now this is where Slim comes in!

Slim is specifically formulated to boost the effects of diets. MCTs found in the coconut oil helps absorb and retain nutrients, which is especially important as their bodies get used to eating less or differently. These MCTs can also boost metabolic activity, accelerating weight loss.

Veterinarians recommend coconut oil to reduce cat hairballs, and especially when changing diets. Cats have notoriously sensitive tummies, and so any change to routine or diet can get them throwing up and over-grooming, which can lead to hairballs. Regular doses of coconut oil with food can help alleviate this.

But that’s not all. The ginger infused in that carrier oil will help reduce bloat (which can happen to animals when their diets change), prevents nausea resulting in new/different food, and has a variety of gastrointestinal benefits.

Maintenance & Other Benefits

While some folks use Slim only while their pet is losing weight, many take advantage of its other natural benefits. We mentioned how it can be used to help cats who have chronic hairballs, but what about other benefits?

Slim can be a helpful daily supplement for animals who are prone to unwanted weight gain. These at-risk types we also mentioned above: male cats, pets between the ages of 5 and 10, spayed or neutered animals, etc. Adding a few drops to their meals can help keep them satisfied and well maintained.

In addition to its use as a dietary supplement, this infusion is great for some other fringe benefits. To name one, ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can ease sensitive digestive tracts (if you’re looking for an allergy supplement though, check this out instead).

One last benefit to Slim that has nothing to do with its prescribed use, but we realized after making it that it makes an excellent pad cleanser. Have you ever taken your dog for a walk and the pavement turned out hotter than you expected? Grab that bottle and dab some on those torched pawsies to help soothe and mend the damage. If you notice dry or cracking pads on your cat or dog, gently massage a bit in to help rehydrate their little feets.

Do you have any special applications you’d like to share? Weight loss success stories? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at any time.

Pet pics? Email us at - we’d love to see them. With your permission, we may even showcase your pet on our Instagram or Pinterest board! Catch them posing around some PawsiVibes merch or products and we’ll absolutely feature them in a post, and get you 20% off your next order. How cool is that?

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