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Product Questions

We’re all pet owners here at PawsiVibes (it's practically a job requirement) and we would never formulate something we wouldn’t be comfortable giving our own fur babies. What’s in the bottle is what’s on the label. In most cases it’s simply a carefully formulated blend consisting of 2 ingredients: the base oil and the essential oil infusion.

Some products like Calm and Vigor have additional components. Calm has full spectrum CBD added to the MCT oil carrier along with valerian root. Vigor just has two essential oil ingredients rather than one. Simple as that!

No! Essential oils are formulated for humans, and even pure oils can be toxic to your pets. They can cause allergic reactions, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and in some cases death. Even for the few oils that are relatively safe for animals, their senses of smell are much more keen than ours and inhaling the diffused oil scents can be unpleasant, giving them headaches or anxiety.

PawsiVibes’ formulas are essential oil infusions, which spread those essential oil benefits through neutral, healthy base oils. Our proprietary oils don’t bother pets’ sensitive little noses, they don’t cause any harm when ingested or applied topically, and they provide all the benefits of essential oils to our beloved animals.

If you’re using the oils as instructed on their pages or bottles, no. Be aware that most neutral oils are just fats, and giving your pets (especially cats!) too much fat too frequently can lead to health problems. So stick to the labeling and don’t dump half a bottle in your kitty’s breakfast and you should be fine!

As with any pet health decision, we encourage folks to discuss use of PawsiVibes products with their veterinarian.

Yes! We set out to create healthy, wholesome products for our pets that we could be proud of. One of our points of pride is that we came up with supplements that we would be comfortable taking ourselves. If it's good enough for our pets, it's good enough for us.

Now of course, please be aware of any allergies you or your pet might have before trying our products. Our essential oil infusions are clearly labeled with the simple ingredients they were made with (most of them even have cute patterns on the boxes to remind you). If you are allergic to either a carrier oil or essential ingredient in an infusion, do not consume or apply it to your skin. If you're unsure, consult with your doctor first.

Absolutely! Our oils are 100% safe to use as a topical treatment as well as their intended use as a dietary supplement. Be aware of any allergies or skin conditions your pet might have, however. If you're not sure, always check with your veterinarian first.

Shipping & Returns

Soon! We ship out all orders the next business day. PawsiVibes' hours are Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. So if you placed your order on a Wednesday, we'll ship it out on Thursday. If you ordered on Friday or over the weekend, we'll ship it Tuesday. Easy-peasy.

Our primary carrier is USPS, so you can expect to receive your order within 1-3 standard USPS business days after shipment. We'll email you a tracking number once it's shipped so you can track it too!

You will receive a tracking link shortly after your order is shipped. Look for an email from!

If you can't find the email and you're pretty sure your order should have shipped by now, reach out to us using the Contact Us page, using the chat widget in the lower right corner of your screen, or directly via email at

Jokes aside, little glass bottles can sometimes break in transit despite the care we take in packaging. If you receive an oily package that jangles when you shake it, rest assured we'll make it right.

Snap a quick photo of the packaging and broken bottle to and we'll send you a replacement free of charge. If you prefer a refund, we're happy to supply that as well.

For more detailed info about our returns policy, check out our Return Policy here.

About Us & Other Stuff

We're glad you asked!

PawsiVibes is a small business run out of Nashville, TN. Wes, the founder and CEO, grew frustrated when trying to find safe essential oils to supplement his many (many) cats' diets. So like any practical entrepreneur and cat dad, he started making them himself.

Over time, friends and family started using them and praising the positive results. After lots of research and consultation with veterinarians and industry experts, Wes found there really weren't products like PawsiVibes anywhere online or on pet store shelves. Thus: PawsiVibes was born.

Over the years the business has grown to a national online presence, and you can find PawsiVibes in various local holistic pet stores in the greater Nashville area.

International sales are planned to begin in 2023! So if you're outside of the US and looking to get your paws on some PawsiVibes supplements, the wait is almost over!

We also think it's the cutest! Packaging was all custom illustrated and designed by the very talented Birdy Wheeler-Wolowicz. She's also responsible for the branding, iconography . . . kind of everything related to PawsiVibes design.

Find more of her work here:

Heck yeah you can! We love our wholesale partners.

You can visit the products page and fill out the Wholesale Inquiry form to get in touch with a wholesale specialist. Alternatively, you can send an email to with any questions you might have.

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